CHICAGO - AUGUST 19:  An SUV drives past an entrance to a Costco store August 19, 2004 in Chicago. Costco, the world's largest warehouse club, has begun a test program offering caskets at two of its Chicago stores.  (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
TikTok Is Recreating A Beloved '30 Rock' Pizza Hack
At Costco
By Arianna Endicott
Costco's food courts have a large variety of items, perfect for refueling after a long, exhausting shopping trip. Their menu might be satisfactory for most, but some people seek out online "hacks" to invent something new, like one TikTok combination that reminded some of a fictional food.
@twistytowertowercrane on TikTok shows a Costco customer removing their hot dog from the bun, positioning it at the end of the pizza slice, and rolling it up, allowing the slice of pizza to act as the new bun. The customer then covers it in tin foil, saying, "Now we just let it cool down," perhaps allowing the cheese and bread to settle into their new form around the hot dog.
Some TikTok users couldn't help but notice that the resulting food strongly resembled one that once appeared on the sitcom "30 Rock." The scene in question occurs at an Asian fusion restaurant, where Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is served what she refers to as "cheesy blasters."
She sings a song about the food item, describing it as a hot dog stuffed with Jack cheese, then folded into a slice of pizza. TikTok user @gracktacular replied to the Costco hack, "Looks like he's doing a cheesy blaster!" Then, he sang the song in time with Liz Lemon and finished quoting the scene.