Vector illustration of an Espresso Martini cocktail
Tiktok Is Only Half Right About The Martini
Glass 'Scam'
By Stacie Adams
While the wide aperture of modern martini glasses ensures that the aromatic elements in the cocktail are noticeable, their long stems prevent the heat of your hands from affecting the beverage’s temperature. These V-shaped glasses are carefully designed to serve several other purposes, but they’re also the subject of scrutiny, particularly for discerning drinkers on TikTok.
A TikTok account going by the name of Magic Moments recently shared a clip in which a TikTok detective explains how bars practice a “martini scam” by underfilling martini glasses to the point where two martinis may be able to fit into the same glass. The man then proves his theory by pouring one seemingly full martini into another seemingly full glass, filling it to the brim.
The TikTok martini glass theory might seem compelling, but there's a very good reason why most bartenders don't fill the glass to the very top. Per, it's recommended that martini glasses are only filled between 85% to 95% capacity to prevent "sloshing and spilling" that can occur as you ferry your glass away from the bar.