402065 08: A shopper displays her Costco Wholesale membership card as she enters a Costco Wholesale store March 8, 2002 in Niles, IL. Warehouse retailer Costco Wholesale Corp. has reported higher quarterly profits as the promise of bulk goods at bargain prices resonated with consumers in the U.S. recession. Warehouse retailers charge customers an annual membership fee, typically $35 to $45, to shop at clubs that offer deep discounts on bulk quantities of items like food and household cleaners. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
TikTok Is Making Full Meals Out Of Costco Free Sample Courses
By Kelly Douglas
If you have a Costco membership, you are probably used to the countless free food samples at the ends of the aisles. After being briefly suspended due to concerns about COVID-19, free samples are back, and TikTok users have been posting videos of themselves trying all of them, with some users even making “mini-courses” of full meals.
The most popular Costco sample videos feature users stopping in at every sample station on a single Costco visit. They typically either caption their videos with their reactions, or rate or react to the food live; the ratings, which are usually on a scale of one to 10, offer quick commentary about how good the food was or how it could be improved.
Some TikToks even break the samples into "courses," including hors-d'oeuvres, entrées, and desserts, which is fun to watch and might even inspire your next grocery run. If you want to try this trend yourself, avoid grabbing more than one sample from the same station, don’t crowd the stations, and always be respectful of other shoppers' privacy.