set of red spotted pinto beans isolated on white background
TikTok Is In Awe Of A 1950s Cake Made Entirely Of Peanuts And Beans
By Stacie Adams
Food trends tend to change drastically over the decades, and the 1950s were a particularly interesting time as many of its dishes appear downright bizarre these days. B. Dylan Hollis, a content creator and influencer who does most of his work on TikTok, likes to make and taste-test vintage recipes — and one in particular left him and his followers stunned.
Using a recipe for pinto bean cake that was first developed in 1955, Hollis initially expresses dismay in his TikTok video since the instructions call for two cans of beans, peanuts, honey, eggs, butter, and baking powder. Upon pulling the concoction out of the oven, he's surprised to find that it's compellingly cake-like, with a dense texture and pleasing shade of brown.
After trying a slice, Hollis is clearly taken aback by the flavor; describing the finished cake as "soft, dense, rich," Hollis finally declares that the cake is "phenomenal," much to the delight of his followers. Bakers like Hollis show just how fun experimenting with old recipes can be — maybe just don't tell your loved ones about that secret ingredient.