A slice of pepperoni pizza.
TikTok Heartily Disapproves Of Turning Pizza Into Grilled Cheese
By Kelly Douglas
One viral pizza trend is getting the proverbial "thumbs-down" treatment from TikTok users who'd rather scarf down their leftover pizza without doing anything extra. One look at the comments on the video, and it’s easy to see that pizza grilled cheese has earned intense disapproval.
A TikTok user took two slices of leftover pepperoni pizza, cut off the crusts, added more shredded cheese to one slice, then topped it with the other. They spread butter on the pizza slices, set them on the pan, and waited for everything to melt before flipping it over to reveal a pizza/grilled cheese.
If the TikTok comments are any indication, you may find the sandwich a tad overwhelming for your taste. "Pizza already has cheese," one commenter wrote, adding a laughing emoji, while another wrote, "Just buy a pizza pocket," and another commenter succinctly
said, "or just eat the leftover pizza."