pile of fried tater tots
Throw Some Frozen Tater Tots In Your Waffle Iron And Watch The Magic Happen
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
Putting tater tots in the waffle iron crisps them up thoroughly, turning them into a crunchy potato waffle with golden brown edges and a soft, fluffy interior.
Turning tater tots into a waffle is as easy as plugging in your waffle iron and opening up a package of tots. You can also add taco seasoning, garlic, or paprika.
Be sure to thaw your frozen tots before making the waffle by leaving them out at room temperature or microwaving them for one to two minutes.
When loading them onto the greased waffle iron, make sure there's no space between them. This will allow the tots to mash together into a cohesive waffle when the iron is closed.
After carefully removing your waffle from the iron, simply eat it as-is or add some toppings, like condiments, a runny egg with avocado, or smoked salmon and crème fraîche.
Tot waffles also work well as a vessel for burgers and sandwiches. Use them to upgrade a bacon cheeseburger or your next grilled cheese sandwich, adding crispiness to each bite.