Three milk chocolate pieces isolated on white background. Top view
This Might Be The Most Expensive Chocolate In
The World
By Elias Nash
Since its invention, chocolate has traveled a long way from a privatized luxury to being accessible to any civilian, but there are some exceptions. Some chocolatiers go so far during manufacturing that the price tag of their creation would shock anyone, and a few brands surely stand out above the rest.
One contender for the title of ‘world's most expensive chocolate’ was Lake Forest Chocolate’s “Le Chocolate Box,” which retailed for $1.5 million, thanks to the jewelry inclusions from Simons Jewelers. Similar products include the gold-covered $11,000 chocolate egg created by chocolatiers in the UK and Japan, and Harrod's $10,000 chocolates that were covered in Swarovski crystals.
Unlike the crystal-covered and jewelry-laden products from Harrods and Lake Forest, the La Chuorsa chocolate bar’s high price tag is due solely to the chocolate itself. Manufactured by Attimo Chocolate Zurich, one single 80-gram bar retailed for 640 Swiss Francs in 2019 (equivalent to $685.73 U.S. in 2022).
Made with crystalized orange and saffron, the La Churorsa chocolate bar’s price is caused not only by the excellence of its ingredients, but by their scarcity. Sourcing their cacao from the Venezuelan village of Chuao, Attimo’s Swiss chocolatiers were able to obtain just enough cacao to make only 50 bars of chocolate, and one heck of a delicious experience.