Close up bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough dip with pretzels and graham crackers
This Alex Guarnaschelli Tip Will Elevate Your Store-Bought Cookie Dough
By Kalea Martin
Nothing compares to a batch of cookies made entirely from scratch, but according to celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli, there's a way to elevate store-bought dough so you don't have to settle for less flavor. Pre-made dough is convenient as it can go straight from the package to the oven, but with just one extra step you can make it taste even better, she says.
Guarnaschelli shared to People that before slicing up a log of dough, she rolls it in coarse sugar, claiming the cookies will look more homemade when they come out of the oven, and also taste better. If you don't want to risk overpowering your cookie with sweetness, Guarnaschelli says that rolling the dough in chopped nuts instead of sugar works just as well.
Store-bought cookie dough also is lacking in flavor because it uses fewer mix-ins than a homemade recipe, but Guaranaschelli says there's a simple fix: just add more chocolate chips or candies. As artificial ingredients dilute the flavor of other store-bought cookie doughs, balancing it out with more sugar or nuts is the easiest way to bring it back.