Mac and cheese, on a plate.
There's An Odd Canned Macaroni And Cheese That Actually Exists
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
An unusual item from Heinz U.K. is canned mac and cheese, or "macaroni cheese," as the packaging calls it. This is uncommon in the U.S., so shoppers have been curious.
Several customers were frustrated by shipping woes, such as dinged-up cans and the price. Importing food from the U.K. may be easier than ever, but it isn't cheap.
A 400-gram can of "macaroni cheese" costs $8.99 to ship across the pond. For a famously inexpensive dish, that's a steep price.
"Consistently good, an excellent meal," wrote one fan in their review. Another commented, "I'd have a more enjoyable experience eating plain boiled noodles."
It seems nostalgic, but many high-star reviewers commented that the cans tasted like they remembered from their childhood. (Blue box enjoyers may be able to relate.)