Levitation or flying of red chili pepper whole and slices with paprika powder used for food seasoning to make hot spicy flavour in mexican and asian cuisine against dark black background. Vertical
There's A Vast Difference Between Chili Powder And
Chile Powder
By Kelly Douglas
Chili powder and chile powder are both dried, ground peppery spices that are usually found in the same grocery store aisle. Even though they do sound alike, there are several clear distinctions between them that will determine how your meals and snacks will taste if you add them.
Chili powder is a dried, ground mixture of at least one type of pepper along with a variety of other ingredients for flavor, like garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cumin, and oregano. Meanwhile, chile powder only contains chile peppers like cayenne chiles and ancho chiles, and knowing what type of pepper is in it will determine whether it belongs in your dish.
The same goes for knowing what combination of spices and herbs are included in your chili powder, so you can determine whether it will overpower other ingredients in your dish. Finally, if you have more than one type of chile powder in your kitchen, it’s best to separate them out or keep track of where you put them so that you don't accidentally choose the wrong one.