A Taco Bell sign.
There's A Taco Bell Fanatic Hack To Order The Discontinued 'Double Decker'
By Brandon Bombay
When Taco Bell overhauled its menu in 2019, many fans were upset to see items disappear, especially the beloved Double Decker Taco.
One Twitter user suggests you can recreate this item by ordering a regular Bean Burrito, requesting "no sauce or onions,” and also ordering a Crunchy Taco.
Then, unroll the burrito, wrap it around the Crunchy Taco, and recreate that Double Decker goodness. A Bean Burrito and Crunchy Taco cost $1.69 each, so this hack totals $3.38.
A Redditor explains another $3.38 hack: "Just order a soft taco with beans instead of beef, no cheese, and no lettuce." Then, order a Crunchy Taco and wrap the tortilla around it.