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There's A Science Behind Fancy Clear Cocktail
Ice Cubes
By Haldan Kirsch
Transparent water turns into cloudy ice cubes into because of impurities. These can include particulate matter and gases like oxygen that get trapped inside as the ice freezes.
The easiest way to make clear ice cubes is to buy a clear ice tray from a company like Dexas. These trays concentrate impurities in a separate part of the tray, leaving
clear ice.
If you don't want to buy a clear ice tray, you can use a cooler with the lid removed to produce blocks of clear ice that can then be carved down into smaller cubes
or ice logs.
Because the walls of the cooler are insulated, the ice freezes from the top down, and as the impurities are the last thing to freeze, they settle at the bottom.
Before the entire block finishes freezing, remove it. The clear ice is separated from the rest of the half-formed ice, allowing you to batch clear ice cubes.
You can upgrade your clear ice by freezing berries or edible flowers inside, as the beautiful colors of these treats will show even better through clear ice cubes.