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There Is A Wrong Place In The Fridge To Store Your Cheese
By Betsy Parks
Modern refrigerators are fancier than ever and can do all kinds of things, but even the most basic model refrigerator has certain compartments and temperature settings you can use to preserve your cheeses. You might think that the best place for your quality cheeses is the deli drawer, but it's better off in another drawer.
The middle of the refrigerator is the most consistent temperature, which is why the deli drawer is typically there. This drawer is excellent for sliced sandwich cheeses because they need that consistent temperature, but good artisanal cheese should be kept where there's higher humidity and controlled slightly warmer temperatures, such as the vegetable drawer.
Vegetable drawers are designed to stay cool, have consistent temperatures, and are usually equipped with humidity control settings to control the airflow in the drawer. These same conditions are great for fancy cheeses, as the warmer temperatures allow the ripening process to continue while the humidity keeps the cheese nice and moist.