CHICAGO - OCTOBER 22:  Consumers exit and enter a Whole Foods Market store October 22, 2003 in Chicago. Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market has planned to become the first major grocery retailer to create corporate guidelines pertaining to the humane treatment of animals whose products are destine for their stores.  (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
There Is A Best Day Of The Week To Shop At
Whole Foods
By Carly Weaver
No matter what you love about Whole Foods, shopping there is an intentional decision that implies you believe it's worth braving the crowds and spending the extra bucks. For multiple reasons, the best day to get your grocery trip to Whole Foods out of the way falls in the middle of the week.
Per Whole Foods Market's principal culinary program manager Carolina Martinez, the chain has its weekly change-over on Wednesday, so you'll find the most variety of prepared food options at the stores on that day, and they’ll be fresh. You'll also have a higher chance of snagging the popular items that tend to disappear quickly, like pre-cut veggies.
Additionally, Whole Foods updates its weekly sales on Wednesday, so you'll have a good chance of getting the best deals and hefty discounts then — especially if you're an Amazon Prime member (since Amazon bought the chain a few years back). It’s even better if you go in the morning, when the store's meats, seafood, and produce selections are freshest.