Baguettes in early morning sunlight by a windowsill in a bakery with other breads
There Are Baguette Vending Machines In The French Wilderness
By Stacie Adams
With options like snacks, hot coffee, and cold soda, vending machines can be a godsend when you're feeling a bit peckish. Although the machines are most closely associated with convenient snacks and drinks, some vending machines go above and beyond, offering hot meals, alcoholic beverages, or in the case of these rural French vending machines, fresh baguettes.
In rural France, some vending machines dispense hot, crusty baguettes, and when one lucky hiker happened upon one of these machines, he raved about his experience on TikTok. The machine in the clip is from ICI Baguettes, which is dedicated to developing bread-dispensing machines, and it even offers customers a choice between traditional and ordinary baguettes.
The selection between traditional and ordinary is a testament to the vending machine’s quality. While “ordinary” baguettes can include extra ingredients like nuts or preservatives, traditional baguettes are protected as a cultural symbol of France and must only contain water, salt, yeast, and wheat flour, making them a healthy and carby option for famished hikers.