An array of Girl Scouts cookies in Studio.
There Are Actually 2 Versions Of The Girl Scouts' Viral Raspberry Cookie
By Kelly Douglas
New Girl Scout cookie flavors are almost always met with high sales, but the Girl Scouts' latest cookie, Raspberry Rally, is stunning cookie connoisseurs nationwide. The buzz surrounding the new cookie has transformed it from a mere baked good to a viral sensation, but many don’t realize that there are two versions of the Raspberry Rally cookie.
The Girl Scouts organization is contracted with not one but two bakeries that produce the iconic cookies, Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers, and there are subtle differences between the cookies each produces. The bakeries each supply different regions of the country, too, so you might see a slightly different Thin Mint in New Hampshire than you would in South Carolina.
The main differences between the two Raspberry Rally cookies are the texture and the overall flavor. ABC Bakers' version has more texture on the outside of the cookie than Little Brownie Bakers' cookie does, but Little Brownie Bakers' version is known to have a stronger, clearer raspberry scent and an edge with a thicker chocolate coating.