The Zesty Tip That Takes TikTok's Viral Lemonade To The Next Level
By David Tran
Lemonade is a refreshing, delicious beverage that offers a plethora of health benefits, as lemons are packed with fiber, iron, and vitamin C. If you’re looking to elevate this already classic summer drink, there’s one simple ingredient you should use that has been all the talk on TikTok lately.
TikTok food personality Carolina Gelen (@carolinagelen) went viral in June 2022 when she shared her ultimate tip for extra flavorful lemonade: lemon zest. In her video, Gelen rubs a mixture of lemon zest and sugar between her fingers for two to three minutes, which helps extract the lemon’s natural oils and makes for the “lemonest” lemonade.
Chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education Jason Hawk backs up this claim, saying that the lemon zest’s acidity "helps balance flavor in food, makes food taste more vibrant, and kickstarts saliva production in your mouth." In the comments of Gelen’s viral TikTok, users suggest other additions like mint, yuzu zest, vanilla extract, or sea salt.