The front view of a Costco Wholesale store
The Worst Day Of The Week To Shop At Costco Is Unfortunately Also The Most Convenient
By Betsy Parks
Costco's business model is to sell in volume, and now more than ever, everyone's looking for ways to save on their grocery bill. So, in addition to the low prices and fan favorite products, Costco also usually has big crowds; if you want to skip the long lines, try to avoid shopping there on the weekend.
Sunday might seem like the best day to shop at Costco, especially if you work Monday through Friday, but that’s what everyone else thinks, too. Sundays are packed, and in addition to the stress of shopping with the masses, Sunday crowds also mean that you either have to get there early or suffer the consequences of picked-over produce and sold-out items.
If you want to avoid the anxiety of crowds, try shopping anytime Tuesday through Thursday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm — this way, you avoid the morning rush and people stocking up for the week or weekend. To make things easier on yourself, try going to Costco with a list of the items you need so you don’t get sidetracked by the items you don’t.