Termitomyces schimperi is a Mushroom associated with termites. It grows on the Termite Nest. German Namibians call it Termitenpilz or Devils Bread. Namibia
The World's Largest Edible Mushroom Is A West African Staple
By Christine Barba
The Guinness Book of World Records states that Termitomyces titanicus is the world's largest edible mushroom. It grows in West Africa, Zambia, and the Katanga Province of DR Congo.
Also dubbed the "African giant mushroom" or "termite mushroom," it spans three feet wide, and a single cap can serve as an entire meal for local families, feeding up to 10 people.
It is often described as having a meaty consistency with a flavorful savory taste. There are plenty of ways to prepare it, too, as it can be grilled, roasted, or boiled.
According to "Comprehensive Biotechnology: Third Edition," over 20 types of Termitomyces have been discovered across Africa and Asia and are desired for their nutritional value.
Termitomyces titanicus flourishes on termite poop and helps termites break down plant materials to eat. It particularly thrives in the winter, when its regional habitat is wet.
Although there are bigger types of fungus worldwide, like the Armillaria ostoyae fungus or "Honey Mushroom," no one seems to be eating them.