A stock photo of the Whole Foods Market in Town Square, Las Vegas. People can be seen enjoying the stores in the Luxury shopping area.
The World Record You Probably Didn't Know Whole Foods Held
By Ryan Cashman
Whole Foods once held the Guinness World Record title for most Parmigiano Reggiano wheels simultaneously cracked. It's a record they first won in 2008 when 176 stores simultaneously cracked over 300 wheels of cheese, and it serves as a prime example of the company’s spirit.
However, in 2012 Loblaw Companies Ltd. broke that record when it cracked 378 wheels across 200 stores. Whole Foods retook the record in 2013 to smash the record with 426 wheels cracked in stores in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, but the company lost it to Loblaw again only a year later.
Cracking parmesan is a labor-intensive process in which the cheese wheels are scored and sliced evenly in half, and while the task can take as long as 30 minutes, some were able to do it in under a minute. Even though Whole Foods no longer holds the title, this enjoyable, quirky achievement is a testament to its dedication to high standards and quality products.