Lambrusco wine is poured into a goblet glass, in the lower part the bubbles that are created on the surface
The Winery Behind Trader Joe's Wine
By Elaina Friedman
Trader Joe’s shoppers who frequent the chain’s vino aisle will recognize the cheap wine known colloquially as Two-Buck Chuck right away. Officially called Charles Shaw and made under the California vintner Bronco Wine Company, the super value wine is available exclusively at Trader Joe's and won’t put a dent in your wallet.
Bronco Wine Company was founded by Fred Franzia in 1973, though it’s important to note that despite the name, Fred was never involved with Franzia Wines. Fred bought the Charles Shaw label from a man of the same name whose business failed in the 1980s and proceeded to sell the wine at cheap prices.
Many outrageous claims about Charles Shaw wine exist, such as that the label uses animal blood or rotten grapes, though Bronco has denied these allegations. A more palatable theory claims that the brand cuts costs by using oak chips to age its wine, and the brand also saves money by using machines rather than humans in production.