Glass and bottle of red wine with selection of various cheese on the board and grapes on wooden table background. Blue Stilton, Red Leicester and Brie Cheese and knife.
The Wine Tasting Faux Pas You Didn't Know You Were Breaking
By Ashley Reut
Wine tastings are an informative and enjoyable way to experience a winery or even a nice restaurant, but there's a set of both manners and skills required to master the art of wine tasting. Food & Wine says that tasting wine is meant to be a complete sensory experience that invokes all of your senses, not just taste.
Most people know to sniff, swirl, swish, and, swallow when tasting wine, but you’ll also want to skip the spritz of perfume or cologne when you go for wine tasting as having a scent on you or in the air around you can mask the delicate smell of the wine. Making a reservation and not over-crowding your day will ensure a better wine-tasting experience, too.
You should also listen to the wine professional and follow the pour order, as the order of tasting wines is a significant part of savoring the drink. Wine professional Lauren Hoey suggests waiting to ask questions until everyone has received their pour, saying, "We love questions, but ask them in an inquisitive, respectful way rather than just interrogating the host."