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The Whole Foods Salad Bar Hack To Save A Ton On Grilled Salmon
By Betsy Parks
Whole Foods has a reputation for having organic, gourmet foods, especially pre-made meals from the hot bar, salad bar, and olive bar. However, these items usually cost a lot more than they would if you made them at home, yet one of the best deals you can get is to buy roasted salmon from the salad bar.
Whole Foods' whole-cooked Atlantic salmon filets are $24.99, but at the salad bar, a box of shredded salmon is around $8.99 a pound. They are the same salmon filets, just chopped up, and the shredded salmon is even cheaper than buying it raw at the fish counter, which is $13.99 a pound.
A small-size box at the salad bar holds about a pound and a half of salmon, and you should frequently weigh it on the store scales to avoid buying more than necessary. Buying at the salad bar is great if you only need a small amount for a specific recipe, so if you're making salmon cakes with your salad bar fish, do the math for your recipe and only buy the amount you need.