Bread loaves and a knife beside a bread box
The Vital Feature To Check For Before Buying A Bread Box
By David Tran
There are many ways to turn day-old bread into your next plate of dinner or dessert, but there's one tool that can help extend the shelf life of bread even longer: the bread box. With different types of bread boxes on the market, investing in the right one can make or break your next loaf of bread.
To keep your bread as fresh as possible, make sure to get a bread box with tiny holes or a loose lid for proper air ventilation. This helps prevent moisture from the bread from escaping, preventing condensation and mold from growing, so keeping your bread in a box can keep bread fresh for up to one week.
In addition to a simple bread box with a hinged lid, there are plenty of other options. A cutting board bread box has a removable cover that can double as a cutting board, or if you have minimal room on your countertop and need to optimize space, try the iconic roll-up lid bread box that features a lid that slides up.