vietnamese coffee illustration of milk being pouring into a glass of ice and coffee
The Vietnamese Coffee Made With Egg Yolks And Sweetened Condensed Milk
By Carly Weaver
There’s so much more than cream and sugar that can be added to coffee, and often the ingredients bring along a cultural significance. Condensed milk, coconut cream, and even yogurt are key ingredients that transform Vietnamese coffee into a creamy, smooth, and sweet cup of java, but using egg yolk defines the bold and unique cà phê trứng, aka “liquid tiramisu.”
Creating this decadent-tasting drink is similar to making regular Vietnamese coffee, but instead of using milk, whip egg yolk together with sweetened condensed milk to top off your coffee. Cà phê trứng creates a rich and creamy beverage that can also be enjoyed with a sprinkle of cocoa powder, cinnamon, or vanilla.
Cà phê trứng was conceived during the Anti-French Resistance war in Vietnam when milk was scarce. In 1946, Hanoi bartender Nguyen Giang concocted a new way to create his nation’s beloved creamy coffee when he discovered that whipped, foamy egg yolks combined with sweetened condensed milk produce the perfect substitute for milk.