Two slices of Swiss cheese against a white background
The Versatile Tool You Need For Perfectly Sliced Cheese Every Time
By Megan Anderson
Cutting thin, uniform slices of cheese at home with a knife can be difficult, but you can use your vegetable peeler for thin, even slices without purchasing a cheese slicer.
For long ribbons, glide the peeler along the long edge of your block of cheese. Use the short edge of the block for shorter, more manageable pieces.
You can shred your cheese directly into the pot or onto your work surface, reducing the number of dirty dishes. Throw your peeler in the dishwasher if it is dishwasher safe.
There are several situations in which this cheese-slicing method comes in handy. Use it instead of sad packaged cheese slices to upgrade a grilled cheese or any other sandwich.
It can also be used to garnish pasta with thin ribbons of parmesan before serving, or to add a perfectly melted layer of mozzarella to a pasta bake before removing it from the oven.