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The Unusual Ingredient That Takes The Bite Out Of Game Meat
By Seamus Gregan
In the culinary world, a common philosophy is that the best food is often the most simple food when prepared correctly. This straightforward yet unusual ingredient is usually thrown away, but it can be incredibly effective in adding a fruity fragrance to desserts and masking strongly flavored meats.
Dried citrus peels are valuable resources for many cuisines — Chinese culture uses aged mandarin peels to balance the meat's gaminess, most notably in Chinese Black Chicken Soup. In Persian cuisine, dried black lime peels are used with chicken dishes to balance the sweet and bitter flavors, and North African cuisine uses salt-preserved lemon peels in fish dishes.
To make your own dried citrus peels, remove as much white pith as possible and either leave them at room temperature for a few days or in an oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for two to three hours. Lemons can be preserved with salt, or you can use sugar on your citrus peels for a sweeter taste.