WASHINGTON, DC- FEBRUARY 25, 2015:  40 Eats - Chocolate chip cookies from Bread Furst in the District. The cookies are baked with good cultured butter and chocolate chips from French chocolatier. (Photo by Deb Lindsey for the Washington Post).
The Unusual Flour Swap To Give Complexity To Chocolate Chip Cookies
By Kelly Douglas
Whether you prefer gooey or crispy chocolate chip cookies, there are countless recipes to choose from, but this unusual rendition substitutes an ingredient found in nearly every cookie recipe — flour. This substitution deepens the flavor profile, and if you give this ingredient a chance, you might find your new favorite recipe for the classic cookie.
According to Kitchn, recipe developer Aaron Hutcherson wanted to make chocolate chip cookies during the COVID-19 quarantine, but as his wheat flour was running low and grocery store shelves were empty, he decided to use rye flour as a substitute. Rye flour has a bitter flavor that cuts down on the excess sweetness and less gluten than wheat flour, which can create denser baked goods.
Aaron Hutcherson's rye flour cookie recipe may sound fancy, but chances are, you already have almost all the ingredients in your kitchen. Hutcherson's recipe calls for light and dark brown sugars as well as granulated sugar, which come together to offset the bitter flavor of the rye flour.