Folsom, California, USA - October 19, 2011: Storefront view of a Trader Joe's grocery store with parked cars and shoppers going in and out.  Trader Joe's is a privately held chain of specialty grocery stores .The first Trader Joe's store opened in Pasadena, California in 1967 and today there are over 360 stores in 29 states.
The Unique Way Trader Joe's Stocks Its Shelves
By Haldan Kirsch
One thing that Trader Joe’s is famous for is its constantly rotating stock of goodies, especially since some are unique offerings that can’t be found at other stores. Trader Joe's is also one of the few grocery store companies on the market that will discontinue certain items, thanks to its unique business model.
While many retailers work with Consumer Packaged Goods companies that pay them to simply put their items on the shelf, Trader Joe's works directly with retailers to stock its shelves with its own branded items. This allows Trader Joe's to stay relatively affordable while providing high-quality foods since they don’t have unsellable items taking up room on shelves.
Trader Joe's understands that customers may miss certain items, so it offers a discontinued product feedback option on its website where shoppers can request the return of a special item. "We make no guarantees, but we do take customer requests into account when we develop new products or revisit old favorites," reads the website.