Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA - July 16, 2012:  Wegmans Food Markets are a family-owned supermarket chain with 80 stores located in the northeastern U.S.  The company has been ranked within the top ten best companies to work for for eight years as listed in the "100 best Companies to Work For" by Fortune Magazine.
The Unique Place Wegmans Cheese Is Made
By Nico Danilovich
Wegmans has half a dozen "caves" dedicated to ripening soft and washed-rind cheeses, as well as a room specifically set aside for brie. Each one is climate-controlled, designed to match the needs of their cheese.
Each cavern can hold several thousand pieces of cheese at a time, per The Washington Post. Having different chambers also avoids cross contamination and allows the flavors to remain pure, and the cheeses are misted to maintain that dank cavern aura.
Cheesemaking has long been intertwined with European culture, dating back to ancient Greece, and people of old couldn’t be picky about where they kept their food. It’s not surprising that they ended up storing cheese in cold damp caverns, and this kind of storing method has been replicated via technology on other continents, including North America.