close up photo of a spoon picking up macaroni and cheese
The Unique Pasta Shape To Shake Up Your Next Pot Of Mac And Cheese
By Crystal Antonace
Mac and cheese is a comfort food loved by millions, and when it comes to making it at home, the right pasta is as important as creating the perfect cheese sauce. Although macaroni is the go-to pasta for this comfort dish, you can always try other unique pasta shapes, such as campanelle.
Campanelle, which, according to Share the Pasta, means "bellflowers" in English, has a unique hollow shape with wavy edges and is the perfect pasta type for mac and cheese, since the edges and thin round shape capture cream-based sauces with ease. Additionally, the little bell-like noodles are a fun way to enhance the everyday predictability of homemade macaroni and cheese.
Other pasta shapes work just as well for milk and cheese-based recipes. The best noodle types for cheesy dishes range from fusilli or other twisted pastas, which allow the creamy sauce to get trapped inside the noodle's intricate makeup, to shells or lasagna when working with a heavier meat-based sauce.