COSTA RICA - 2017/02/13: Cruise ship Safari Voyager at anchor in front of Playa San Josecito on the Osa Peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)
The Unique Costa Rican Eatery That Serves Food Inside A Massive Caterpillar
By Cristine Struble
Costa Rica is known for its surfing and nature, and when it comes to its food, the Spanish and African inspired cuisine will keep you thoroughly satisfied. However, your Costa Rican food adventure would not be complete without a visit to Restaurante La Oruga, where you will be treated to the unique experience of dining inside a giant caterpillar.
According to Atlas Obscura, Restaurante La Oruga is located in La Amistad National Park and was created to entice both locals and tourists to explore the area. While the structure often gets the most attention, the restaurant offers empanadas, two versions of casado, and a store that offers a variety of local chocolates, beers, food gifts, and arts and crafts created by local artists.
The restaurant backs the women-led Artesanas del Bosque, which creates local business opportunities while supporting natural resources and sustainability. The women involved help serve guests, create crafts sold in the store, and use the sales to help the community; through tourism support, the area hopes to gain more financial independence for its residents.