Cropped view of a woman pouring kombucha into a glass from a jar on a wooden table
The Unexpected Way To Elevate And Tenderize Steak Involves Kombucha
By Lauren Wood
While there isn’t any concrete proof that kombucha is the miracle drink some have claimed, you can use the beverage to make a marinade that will improve your steaks.
What makes kombucha perfect for marinades is its acidity level, which is excellent for tenderizing meats and providing a unique flavor.
Kombucha’s fermentation also helps to break down the muscle and tissue inside the cut, and with added flavors like grapefruit or mango, your steak will have a delicious twist.
Allow the meat to marinade with seasonings and oil for up to 20 minutes, but be cautious of over-marinating as your food is essentially being pre-digested.
Adding kombucha can liven up any recipe and can be used like wine or vodka, adding a dash of flavor to dishes such as creamy pasta sauce.
Leftover kombucha marinade can also be used as a barbecue sauce by adding seasoning, sugar, tomato sauce, and kombucha to a jar and letting it ferment for a few days.