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The Unexpected Vegetable That Will Upgrade Your Standard Grilled Cheese
By Crystal Antonace
There's nothing quite like the comfort of a grilled cheese sandwich, whether it’s the classic American cheese and white bread version, or one with different breads, seasonings, and types of cheese. However, there’s one addition that might elevate your humble grilled cheese — leeks, which are from the onion family, but with a much more subtle flavor.
For a unique grilled cheese — and leek — experience, cookbook author and culinary expert Aleksandra Crapanzano suggests using either a sharp cheddar or fontina cheese, depending on what flavor profile you’re after. She then says to grate the very cold cheese and add finely chopped leeks (white and pale green parts only) to the cheese mixture.
You can add more or less chopped leeks, depending on how pronounced you want that oniony taste, then simply sear to your liking, making sure to cover your pan in between flips to ensure the cheese is thoroughly melted within the butter-encrusted bread slices. There are countless other ways to amp up your grilled cheese, but we suggest giving this one a try.