Spaghetty pasta  with meatballs and tomato sauce,  top view
The Unexpected Ingredients That Will Add Flavor And Texture To Your Next Meatball Meal
By Chase Shustack
While its origins are debatable, meatballs are a favorite among meat-centric fans, whether in spaghetti or between two hoagie rolls. An innumerable amount of meatball recipes have cropped up over the years, and while most have their favorites, several surprising ingredients can add new flavors and texture to the food.
Adding yogurt to a meatball recipe might sound like a joke, but several outlets, including Martha Stewart's website and TODAY, offer a yogurt-based sauce for the formula. According to Taste Cooking, Greek yogurt provides several benefits, like helping moisturize and making it easier for the added seasonings to adhere better to the meatballs.
Another dairy product that helps give the meatballs a moist and flavorful result is ricotta cheese. NYT Cooking describes ricotta as the "secret to tenderness" in meat, and it has proven so effective at keeping the food from becoming tough and chewy that big-name like Michael Symon and Giada De Laurentiis also use the ingredient in their meatball recipes.