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The Unexpected Ingredient That Will Elevate Your Whipped Cream
By Kalea Martin
When you whisk heavy cream to make whipped cream, the fat molecules break apart and trap the air. While the fat in heavy cream is a crucial component of whipped cream, there’s also a chance that it may leave your dessert tasting overly buttery or produce a fatty film in your mouth, so here is one ingredient that will balance out your whipped topping.
The tanginess of sour cream contrasts the heaviness of the whipped cream and the sweetness of the dessert you're putting it on, tastefully balancing out your treat. According to Martha Stewart, this works best when you're working with a very buttery or sweet dessert that could use a hint of brightness.
For the best results, add only 1/4 cup of sour cream to every 1 cup of heavy cream as too much sour cream can make your whipped cream overly tangy and alter the consistency. Whip the heavy cream as you normally would, and, once you see soft peaks, fold in the sour cream for a smooth and flavorful whipped cream. It also helps if both ingredients are well chilled.