Pepperoni pizza with a slice taken out with appetizing cheese pull
The Unexpected Ice Cube Hack For Gooier Cheese Pizza
By Carly Weaver
With pizza's endless variations, flavor combinations, and cooking methods, it's hard to believe this dish could get any better — but it can. People have continued finding ways to improve it, and if you're someone who prefers their pizza to be extra gooey, you definitely need to try out this ice cube hack.
For this technique, all you need to do is stretch out your pizza dough, place two or three ice cubes on top, and then bake it before adding anything else so that the ice melts into a starchy sauce. When you add the cheese and pop the pizza back into the oven, a gooey, cheesy sauce is formed, resembling the creamy deliciousness found in a cacio e pepe pasta dish.
Paul Foster, the chef patron at the Michelin-star restaurant Salt in Stratford-upon-Avon, likes to use this trick in his kitchen, and while it is a traditional technique, he notes that "not a lot of people have heard of it and it's very rarely done." As it only requires one simple step and no extra ingredients, it's certainly a technique worth trying.