Closeup of of stacked burger patties.
The Unexpected Hack You Should Use For The Juiciest Burgers
By Alexander Billet
For juicy burgers, many in the culinary world swear by mixing ice water into the patties with your spices, ideally moisturizing each pound of ground beef with 1½ ounces of water.
"I've been advocating adding water to burgers since 2007," says Dave Joachim, co-author with Andy Schloss of "Mastering the Gril."
Whether you pre-season or not, make sure the water is mixed in thoroughly before shaping your patties. "That achieves the same effect of making the burger juicier," Joachim notes.
The move is even approved by Michelin-starred and James Beard Award-winning pros like Charlie Palmer, who explains why in his book "Charlie Palmer's American Fare."
He says, "I always add a bit of ice water to my burgers as it helps distribute the seasonings evenly as well as ensures that burgers stay moist and juicy."