Pie crust made with graham cracker crumbs.Top view
The Unexpected Cracker That Will Add A Salty Flourish To Pie Crust
By Kalea Martin
If you want your pie to have the texture of a cracker crust without the extra sweetness, try swapping graham crackers for saltines.
Ritz crackers are a popular pie crust alternative, but saltines are arguably better because they don't have as much butter as Ritz, nor as much sugar as graham crackers.
Cracker crusts use butter to bind the crumbs together, so an already buttery cracker like Ritz will yield an overly buttery crust. The blandness of saltines works better.
Salt is also a natural flavor enhancer, and saltines have the perfect amount to balance out the sweetness in a pie and ultimately make it taste better.
As with graham crackers, run the saltines through a food processor and add melted butter. For best results, use 1 ½ sleeves of saltines (60 crackers) per stick of butter.
To prevent an overly salty pie, make sure to only use unsalted butter when creating your saltine crust, as the crackers add plenty of salt themselves.

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