Iced Americano Black Coffee and Layer of Orange and Lemon Juice Decorated with Sliced Orange and Coffee Bean on Marble White Background
The Unexpected Addition That Can Take Your Coffee To New Heights
By Camryn Teder
While some people like their coffee black, others recognize it as a blank, bitter canvas that can be touched upon by ingredients from nutmeg to a slab of butter. However, one trend circulating around TikTok has introduced a unique ingredient to coffee that brings great benefits: orange juice.
Similar to the 2020 Dalgona trend of mixing your instant coffee with milk, sugar, and water to create a whipped beverage, the TikTok trend of adding orange juice to your coffee has been making waves. The orange juice’s bright citrus flavor makes a great contribution to the bold bitterness of coffee, and it’s an excellent added source of antioxidants.
While TikTok may have popularized the combination of orange juice with coffee, this concoction has actually been well-known in Arizona since 2011, per coffee shop owner Damon Brash. Names for the drink range from Good Morning, Vietnam to the Sunrise, but whatever you refer to it by, you can thank TikTok for bringing it more into the spotlight.