Smoking cast iron griddle pan on a dark wooden table, Newport, Wales, 2010
The Unconventional Pan-Warming Method You're Totally Sleeping On
By Angel Albring
When finishing cooking a big meal for family or friends, there are several methods for keeping food warm, including using a warming tray, a heating lamp, or a slow cooker. While it may not be conventionally used in the kitchen, an electric blanket is something you may already have that is great for keeping your food toasty.
An electric blanket can go a long way in keeping your food warm, as the low temperature keeps the food hot without cooking the food. Lay the blanket on a flat surface, let it warm for a few minutes, then place your serving dishes on top of it or wrap it around your pots and pans to keep them warm — aluminum baking pans are preferred because they conduct heat better.
It's important to remember that electric blankets and heating pads can only keep food warm for so long, and you can also risk spilling food on them. To avoid having to wash or throw out your stained electric blanket, you could also put your food in the stove's drawer to keep your dishes warm without overcooking them.