Roll of Opened Aluminium Foil Directly Above View on Yellow Colored Background.
The Uncomplicated Foil Hack For A Non-Stick Cooking Experience
By Julia Mullaney
If you'd do anything to avoid dirtying another dish, you might put foil over all your sheet pans for easy cleanup, but it doesn't always prevent food from sticking.
Crinkling the foil helps prevent food from sticking to it, giving you a nonstick experience without the addition of cooking spray or oil.
Rather than molding the foil smoothly across your baking sheet, gently crinkle it into a ball in your hands, then un-crinkle it and spread it out across the baking sheet.
The newly-made divots in the foil help to create enough separation that prevents sticking and lets the food be easily removed with a spatula.
However, crinkling the foil too tightly can make it difficult to pull it back apart, as the small folds easily get wrapped around each other, so be sure to crinkle it gently.