Brushing a pastry in a bakery
The Uncommon Egg Wash Alternative You Probably Have In Your Fridge
By Missy Boylan
An egg wash is used to seal the edges of a pastry, bind ingredients, or add shine, color, and crunch to baked goods, but yogurt can help you achieve the same effect.
Simply brush a small amount of yogurt onto the pastry as you would an egg wash. Both Greek and normal yogurt will work, but if the yogurt is dense, thin it with water.
Since yogurt is naturally tangy, you may be adding some extra flavor to your bread or pastry, which may suit certain baked goods like a pie crust.
However, in savory breads or baked goods, stick to plain, unsweetened yogurt to avoid adding unwelcome flavor or sweetness to your bake.
Yogurt also delivers flavorful results when substituted for eggs in recipes that call for dipping chicken or other foods into beaten eggs as an adhesive for breadcrumbs or flour.
Milk and cream can also replace egg wash in recipes where it's being used to color and shine. If it's being used as an adhesive, honey or maple syrup can also be great substitutes.