A jar of peanut butter with a knife on top, next to peanuts, against a white background
The Ultimate Ranking Of Peanut Butters
By Trevor Carlson
Not all peanut butter is made equal in terms of texture and flavor, so we’ve ranked them from worst to best, starting at the bottom with Reese’s peanut butter. Unfortunately, this peanut butter is just a little too sweet without offering any saltiness, falling short of the kind of complexity we crave.
17. Reese’s
This is a natural peanut butter, which means it has a layer of oil that needs stirring — however, this appears to be a case where no amount of stirring seems to produce a truly creamy texture. In fact, customers have reported that this peanut butter has a gritty, chalky texture, which shouldn’t be how a creamy peanut butter tastes.
16. Smucker’s
This peanut butter doesn't include any hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients, or added sugar, which we appreciate, but it’s been reported that it is seriously hard to mix. It also comes with a deep layer of oil on top that calls for a long stirring session, and while some praise the taste, others lament the fact that the texture isn't very creamy.
15. Santa Cruz Organic
Teddie peanut butter contains one ingredient, dry roasted peanuts, and while unsalted peanut butter is good for those trying to watch their sodium intake, it results in a decent yet dry flavor. Teddie definitely gets some bonus points for keeping the recipe all natural, but its drier texture is holding it back from reaching its full potential.
14. Teddie
The flavor of Peter Pan peanut butter is definitely satisfying, but it's a little too sweet, and its texture is almost too creamy. While tasting a spoonful of this, the peanut butter quickly melts on the tongue with surprising swiftness, and it tends to easily drip over the sides of sandwich bread since it's so malleable.
13. Peter Pan