Up close shot of a ripe tomato with the leaves intact
The UK's Gas Prices Are Causing A Major Tomato Shortage
By Arianna Endicott
For tomato plants to thrive, they must be in a temperature-controlled setting between 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why many farmers have greenhouses for easy temperature control. Unfortunately, due to a gas shortage, many farmers in the United Kingdom have been unable to maintain their greenhouses.
Gas shortages in the United Kingdom have been causing a lack of tomatoes in supermarkets, as increased gas prices have forced farmers to reduce the number of greenhouses producing tomatoes, spend extra money on gas, or hold off on planting until warmer weather arrives. Seeds, fertilizer, and fuel costs have also increased, making production and transportation of products more expensive for farmers.
Due to price increases in producing, transporting, or importing tomatoes, supermarkets have had to cut down on the number of tomatoes for sale. One kilo of tomatoes in the U.K. costs roughly £2.80 ($3.37), while in 2021, the same amount cost only £2.14 ($2.58), and experts are worried this could eventually affect all kinds of produce and lead to future food shortages.