Angel in Green-Wood Cemetery, New York
The Type Of Honey That Is Exclusively Made In A Cemetery
By Stacie Adams
In addition to the knowledge and equipment required to care for bees properly, selecting the right location for the colony is vital for beekeepers. That's why enterprising beekeeper Davin Larson couldn't pass up a golden opportunity, albeit in an unlikely place.
Nestled amid the busy Brooklyn borough of New York City, the Green-Wood Cemetery hosts a beekeeping effort that includes approximately 600,000 honeybees. Davin Larson came up with the idea for the colony during a visit to the landmark, and a fellow beekeeper and cemetery volunteer convinced the public programming director to move forward with his idea.
The honey produced by the Green-Wood Cemetery colony is called The Sweet Hereafter in honor of the place where it was created. You can show your support for the colony by sponsoring a full or half hive via the sponsorship page on their website.