Chef Trisha Yearwood presenting a cooking demonstration during the South Beach Wine and Food Festival 20022.
The Two Salty Ingredients Trisha Yearwood Adds For Next-Level Brownies
By Kalea Martin
All you need to prepare classic brownies is melted chocolate or cocoa powder, plus the basic baking combo of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and baking powder. However, country-music-star-turned-celebrity-chef Trisha Yearwood uses two additional salty ingredients that elevate the taste of your classic brownies even further.
Yearwood's recipe involves potato chips and bacon, but unlike other recipes that use them merely as toppings, Yearwood mixes them straight into the batter and even uses cooked bacon's grease in place of a portion of the butter to amp up the bacon flavor. She also insists on using the potato chips with the ridges so the batter adheres to them more effectively.
Salty and sweet foods are naturally compatible, as it's a biological instinct to crave salt and sugar together. Sugar activates salt's flavor-enhancing properties — with certain taste receptors only working if salt is detected — and salt counteracts the bitterness in chocolate.