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The Tumultuous History Of Dairy Queen's Famed Oreo Blizzard
By Christine Barba
While Dairy Queen is now well-known for its Oreo-themed Blizzards, the Oreo cookies team did not initially have a warm response when asked to collaborate with Dairy Queen. Because of this reaction, the Oreo Cookie Blizzard almost didn't exist.
When Dairy Queen reached out to Oreo with a proposal to include Oreos in their Blizzards, the Oreo team declared the concept outlandish, so Hydrox, a cookie brand similar to Oreo, partnered with Dairy Queen. DQ then sold over 175 million Hydrox-based Blizzards in the first year, and when Oreo caught wind of how well it performed, the Oreo crew partnered with Dairy Queen.
Today, DQ customers can choose from at least 25 different types of Blizzards, with Oreo cookies featured in several varieties. You can also keep an eye out for creative spins on the Dairy Queen Blizzard during special occasions — for instance, the chain debuted a Zero Gravity Blizzard treat to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon.