A cook puts Vienna sausage in a saucepan.
The Trick For The Juiciest Grilled Sausages Is Poaching Them At The Start
By Chase Shustack
When grilling a sausage, it can be prone to overcooking or drying, but Serious Eat's J. Kenji Lopez-Alt says it should be properly poached before going on the grill.
Put the sausage in a pot of cold water, slowly raise the temperature to 150 degrees, remove it from the pot, and finish cooking it on the grill as you normally would.
As you grill a sausage, the heat naturally causes the casing around the meat to contract, which, in turn, causes some of the juices to leak out.
When a sausage is cooked to "doneness," most of the juices are gone. By par-boiling it first, it’s not on the grill as long and stays juicy and plump.
While poaching in water is effective, you can infuse more flavor using beer, wine, and chicken or beef stock instead. You can also add a few bouillon cubes to the pot.