Homemade turkey gravy for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
The Trick For Making Flourless Thanksgiving Gravy, According To Alex Guarnaschelli
By Crystal Antonace
If you've ever tried your hand at homemade Thanksgiving gravy, you are probably familiar with the age-old suggestion of using a roux as a thickening agent. However, renowned chef Alex Guarnaschelli has her own spin on how to make the best Thanksgiving gravy, and it involves using a unique and flavorful thickening agent.
Guarnaschelli's "secret weapon" to thicken gravy is a combination of cooked onions, celery, and carrots — also known as mirepoix. Guarnaschelli explains that once a mirepoix is created, she adds the mixture to a blender and then adds a spoonful or two of that mixture to her gravy base.
The addition of mirepoix is a great alternative to roux, as it not only thickens the consistency of your Thanksgiving gravy but also adds a tremendous flavor boost to it. If you too would like to prepare a lip-smacking gravy this year, Guarnaschelli’s mirepoix method is the one you might want to consider.